White and pink dresser


Here is the finished dresser, waiting to be taken to my booth. I used vinyl wall stickers to add some bling! I also painted it to match a twin bed I put together from parts. Oh that was fun…..


This is the good side, but I had to remove all the wood on the bottom that covered the legs, so both sides would match when finished.


This is the back of dresser,  can you see the lefts side of the dresser I had to put a piece of 2 x 4 under it so it would stand.


Close up of good side


The lines on the front of the drawer are from someone moving this dresser and taping the drawers shut. A good sanding will clean that up.


This is why I like working with wood a lot of the stains can be sanded away or painted over.


What a mess this dresser was; I had to clean and fix. I also had to add a new leg and cross board.


Here is the leg I fixed and added a 1 x 4 to cover up both sides, once painted you will have to look hard to see the repairs.


Oh so pretty all fixed, runners are waxed and sanded.

Fixed, sanded, waxed and ready for painting.


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