Old Re-usable Medal Zippers

I have a rocking chair that I have been working on. I have painted the wood and was in the process of making cushion covers. I needed two zippers one for each chair cushion, but the ones I have were not the right size so I decided to use the ones that were on the old cushion. I cut them off the cushion since I was not going to keep the old fabric.


After removing the stitching for them zipper I noticed that the zipper did work well. There was an oxidation on the metal causing the zipper foot not to work well. So remembering what my mother use to do for our zipper when they had this problem.

I took a chuck of candle left overs that I keep in my tool box and rub it all over the zipper teeth. Both sides and to my amazement the zipper worked find. the wax did the trick!!!!


Both cushion finished with zippers. I did have a problem after I put the old cushion frame into the cover the Zipper broke, one of the teeth popped off in the process of add the iron framed cushion and pulled the zipper apart.
I didn’t take pictures, but what I did was remove enough teeth with plier before the missing tooth so I could slip the zipper foot back onto the teeth. Lined it up and zipped the two parts together making sure the zipper worked and was aligned. Then I just added a few stiches of thick thread right before the missing tooth (the side closes to the zipper foot)  so the Zipper foot stays on the track.

See that chair skirt that is what I am working on now. So the question is, do I make the skirt the same length around the whole chair base, or do I adjust for the tilt of the chair. The back is 7 inches off the floor and the front is 12 inches off the floor…..What do I do?


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