Chair skirt


I have painted the chair and recovered the cushions; in my last post I was stumped on how long to make the chair skirt.

Do I let it touch the floor in the front when no one is sitting in it and drag on the floor in the back or do I angle it or let it sit off the floor in the front and just touch the floor in the back?

I decided to do both, it was 7 inches in the back and 12 in the front, so I went with 8 inches. I cut 4- 12 inch strips and sewed them together. End to end to make one very long strip.


I then surged both long ends and cut the 12 inch strips into 8 1/2 inch lengths.


and then sewn the surged edge under.

I wanted to cover the staples that I was going to use to attach the skirts so I used the remaining piece I cut from the 12 inch sections to add a second layer.


I wanted the seam enclosed from view, so I had to sew the short piece with right side and wrong side facing each other; show in the above picture.

DSC05673 DSC05674

After sewing I ironed the piece and flipped it over and ironed down the seam so it made a clean edge.


I sewed a half inch seam to insert a 1/4″ width elastic which I made 6 inches short then the circumference of the chair where the skirt would be attached.


Put small safety pins on both ends of the elastic pinned one side to the opening and inserted the other end and pushed it through. Once I had it out the other end I pinned the elastic to that end so it would not slip back into my hem.

I evened out the fabric on the elastic, sewed the two ends with the elastic together, then I used push pins to attach it to the chair. I adjusted the chair skirt until I like how it looked and stapled it in place (sorry no pictures of this process).

DSC05687 DSC05689

I shabby chic the chair and made a head cover for the back and used the same fabric on the side inserts. Found this lovely pillow that was an awesome fit to my newly finished swivel rocking chair.


Now it sits in my booth for someone to enjoy!!


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