A well worn dresser- restored

DSC07985_1  DSC07988_3DSC07988_3









This is a dresser that I picked up at a yard sale for $$20.00. The poor thing needed a lot of TLC.

DSC07991_4 DSC07992_5 DSC07993_6As you can see the drawer front is broken, the bottom of the drawer sags, and repairs from the past someone used too large a nail creating more damage to the drawer. The glue had dried on these drawers so when I picked them up they fell apart. The nails I pulled and used small staples after gluing.










The shell need a back leg.


DSC07992_5 DSC07887

This drawer I ran wood glue ” Titebond Premium” along the back bottom. Then use clamps to hold the drawer until the glue dried. The second picture is of another dresser drawer that had completely fell apart. After the glue has dried on all the drawers that needed repairing I staple them to reinforce the hold.

DSC08079_8   DSC08080_9

I primed then painted the dresser white. I spray painted the pulls a nice gloss black! I could not fix the broken drawer fronts, but I sanded them smooth to keep users from wood splinters. After finishing the dresser, I noticed how much the chipped drawer fronts stood out. I removed the pulls and started to repaint the drawers. This way if the new owner doesn’t like the blue they can just repaint the drawers



I didn’t want a flat blue front so I dragged a dry brush thru the wet paint. Sanded the edges of both the drawers and the shell. Added minwax to protect the bare wood. I added the pulls again and brought the dresser to my Booth. I Love the way it turned out.

DSC08087_11     DSC08091_12

The broken fronts are not as noticeable!


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