laminate dresser repair

DSC08107 DSC08108

I wished I remembered to take a picture before I started. As you can see in the picture the bottoms of the drawer fronts were messed up. the laminate was missing. I didn’t want to peel the laminate off, so I had some Bondo All Purpose Putty left over from another project and used it on the drawer fonts.

The paint can is holding down glued laminate that was peeling. After letting the Bondo dry I sanded it and reapplied it were needed.

DSC08119 DSC08120 DSC08121 DSC08122 DSC08123

The bottom sides and a few small places on the top also received Bondoing!

DSC08127 DSC08128

Pictures of the dresser after sanding.

I liked the way the Bondo All Purpose Putty worked for the out side laminate. I then used it to repair the wooden worn out drawer runners. The picture below shows what the track looked like. There was a half inch deep grove in the wood which caused the drawer to drop over time. The rut in the tracks are what caused the front of the drawer laminate to peel.

The right track is worn at an angle after fixing I needed to secure it in place so it would not wiggle again.


DSC08116 DSC08117

Here below is the first coat of Bondo!


Not all of the tracks were removable so I applied it in the dresser.


After getting all the repairs done I primed the dresser.

DSC08132 DSC08133

I had to use two coats to cover over the white bondo and the brown wood to make it one even white coat.


I had finished it off but I didn’t like the way it turned out so I repainted it.

DSC08148 DSC08150DSC08153

Took it to my booth.

DSC08167 rolltide

It was sold but the lady wanted it to be repainted to match her other piece of furniture, and I did. I also waxed the top for added protection.

DSC08191 DSC08192 DSC08193

Her piece is on the right and I Photoshop the dresser into place.


She loved how it turned out! But a few days after she had it home; she call about what type of paint I used. she wanted to repaint it brown because it clashed too much for her tasted.

I would reuse Bondo All Purpose Putty for any future projects that had laminate problems.


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