Louise’s Chair Buddy’s

I am so excited with my newest project….I have started to build these small tables that can be used in front of a chair or couch. Great for children to do homework on or eat a meal while watching TV. They slide all the way up to the front of the chair. The Chair Buddy can be used next to the side of a bed or camper as well.

These Chair buddy’s are designed and build by me in my workshop. I have a few for sale at the Roadrunner’s daughter in Pensacola FL. I make them in a few different sizes,( 22″- 29″ high) x 12″ deep x (20″ to 24″) wide, made of all wood. The wood is sanded, painted, some are shabby chic and then the top is sealed with polyethylene and waxed.


Green Chair Buddy 22″tall


Over the arm Chair Buddy 29″ tall


Blue Chair Buddy 24″ tall


My first three for sale!


Can be use as an end table 22″ tall


Pink and white chair buddy 24″ tall


Top view


Pink and white Chair buddy24″ tall


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