Converting a Cargo trailer to camper

I sold my 14ft Scotty camper because I didn’t like pulling it, since it was larger then my Jeep Liberty and a bigger foot print then I needed. I was able to buy this cargo trailer for half of what I sold my Scotty for!

It had been semi converted, but the people that had her didn’t like camping in it…..I watched it sit on Craigslist for some time. While I was talking to a friend he encouraged me to go look at it. It was still available and I went and took a look at her….Just the right size but I was concerned about getting locked in! The owner showed me that if I put a locked lock in the door latch, the door could not be locked from the outside.There is a push lock on the inside to keep it close while I am on the inside.

I knew there was something off about this little camper, but knew I have had enough projects like this that I could turn the problem to a plus…so I bought this little camper and took her home.

I pulled the mattress out to get a better look at what I had to work with. Wood and more wood, and over sized A/C with a air drain that one has to open for under the camper before using the A/C, a battery box with no battery, a small converter for the inside led lights and two cigarette lighters for DC power.

I decided to paint her insides white, since it had a heavy gloss coat I worked on one wall at a time sanding with coarse paper to remove the gloss then washing the wall down with water. I started with the left wall taping then painting…When I was almost finish the first wall I realized what was wrong! I am not sure if it can be seen in the pictures, but the roof was stain a dark brown, the door was stained an even darker brown the shelf is a flat yet different brown, the walls and floor are a clear coat, and to top of the color pallet the trim stained in a different pattern and color all together. All wood, all brown but a visual overload of different colors and patterns it felt like the space was smaller then it is…..

I painted the left wall, door and the front point whit, the trim and shelf a grey/blue wow what an improvement! I cut the mattress in half and put it stacked together back in the camper. I want to remove the monster of an a/c unit and go with something smaller. Still looking into options.


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