Fidget Lap Quilts, Daily Living Aids

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Fidget Lap Quilts, I stumbled upon one like this on Pinterest and took a closer look at what they were about.

I have been quilting most of my life and love to quilt, but they are costly to make and how many quilts does one need. These on the other hand are very useful and so much one can add or change about them.

I had to try to see what it took to make them and to my surprise it took longer and a lot more thought into making one. **I had to find a place to put objects that worked together with enough space so the user could fidget with it without interference of another object. I had to make sure all items were wash able or removable for washing. Able to withstand someone playing with it. All seams had to be sewn on securely so it would not fall apart after the first usage.  I strive for 10 activities per fidget quilt.

The fidget lap quilt sports my lazy woman’s one stitch sew on binding. I may need to write a post on how to do that.

Fidget Lap Quilts are used to help comfort loved ones with  Dementia, Alzheimer, Sensory needs, Fidget, Stroke, Restless Fingers, Activity needs, Nervous car riders,  Stroke, ADHD, Autism, rehab patients, nursing home, hospital patients, Physical Therapy, and Special Education Classrooms.

They are designed to keep your loved one’s hands busy, like keeping them from playing with IV tubes or making holes in house furniture, etc.   By providing hand Activities it calms agitation, stimulate memory and exercise the hands of people with challenges.

  Basic Quilt Fabric: The tops of the Quilts are either plan or printed cotton. There is a middle layer of 100% polyester or 100% cotton quilt batting. The bottom is flannel or cotton. Bindings are made by me from cotton to match the quilt.

I layer the three parts together and sew them with an “H” pattern to keep them together as I add the activities. Activities are sewn through all three layers for extra strength while being used.

This Quilt has the following:

* Cotton Front with tea cup print

* Soft flannel  backing

* Zipper with shapes on zipper pull to help open and close zipper

* Denim pocket

* 3 page Fabric book to play with

* Buttons on a embroidery floss that move and make noise

* Strains of ribbon to play with

* Fake fur to cress

* Hidden noisy plastic within a square

* Picture holder/ Personal information with vinyl cover

* Satin binding for the one that love to play with satin!

* Collar with button and loop to open and close

* Green tube of netting to pull out and roll back up

All Quilts are recommended for “Hand Wash” only. Some items must be removed first. If machine washing is needed put in pillow case and tie close. Wash on gentle.

Made in a Pet and smoke free home.

I am selling others I have made on eBay and Scott’s Market place.

Others I have made:

DSC01682_2 DSC01505_2
DSC01525 DSC01514
DSC01511 DSC01484_2
DSC01713_22 DSC01509


I can customized one for you just email and let me know what you are looking for,

Chat soon,








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