New addition to my Esty store

I have been busy making port-a- cath seat belt pillows! Some to sell and some to be donated to the Pensacola Cancer Center.

I came across this information while surfing the web. I had never heard of a chemo port and did a closer look. I found My Recipe for Portacath Pillows. I made one then another until I had twenty made….Wow what fun and for a good cause. Now to find some place to donate them to; Now that was another challenge. I could not find any one listed on the Cancer center web site to talk to or email. After looking for awhile I found a coordinator so I called her. She redirected me to Linda Wall at the Cancer Center. She was thrilled to received them and stated that no one was donated them to the center.

I found one place that sold them for $20.00, wow way too much!  Now I make some to give to the center and some to sell at $5.95 each. Part of each sales goes to making more for the center.

I have change the pattern a little instead of using 4 or 3.5 hook and loop tape I use 3″ of hook and loop tape that way you can tighten it up tighter on your seat belt.

This is a fun and easy project for any person or organization can do to help easy the pain of a port!

Happy sewing!


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