Another cat fidget quilt


It has ten different Items for a loved one to keep their hands busy.

This Quilt has the following:
1. A Zippered pocket.
2. Button strip with two button hole for matching buttons on quilt.
3. Ribbons sewn on to twilled with your fingers.
4. Button filled pillow and bell attached with red hook and loop tape, also a loop to attach it to snap loop.
5. Snap loop.
6. Attached soft blue bumpy pillow.
7. 3 piles of different colored yarn.
8. A large square of extra soft black white and gray fur to pet.
9. Silky fabric one end sewn on to quilt.
10. Plastic hidden in the cat cake printed square for soft noise.

  1. Pink coil for finger strengthening attached on snap loop.

I can embroider a name tag to the back or front of quilt only by request. When ordering a name tag, email me with the first and last name.


This one and others can be found in my Etsy store. I can make you a custom one as well. I have a place where you can order a custom one.

You can find this quilt here


Here is the other cat quilt I made.



Bumpy fabric what will they think of next. It feels great to run your fingers through!

You can find this kitty with bell Here




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