New fabric for my pillows

My new mini mouse collection! Abdominal, comfort and port pillows!!!
The Abdominal is used to relieve abdominal pressure caused by using a safety belt when driving. It can be used by any motorist but is especially helpful to pregnant women and those who may be suffering from abdominal injuries, wounds, recent surgery, or pain. When properly used, the pillow is placed between your abdomen and the seat belt. Additionally, this product can be used by almost anyone who simply wants a more comfortable ride. It may also be used in conjunction with seat belt usage on an aircraft. 

And others who would use a abdominal pillow: Pregnant women, Hysterectomy, Hernia, Appendix, Gallbladder, Bypass Surgery (using the smaller pillow vertically while being transported), Children who have had abdominal surgery or just find the seatbelt uncomfortable (the 16” pillow is the appropriate size for children), people who spend lengthy amounts of time in a car (Sales Reps, long commuters, frequent flyers, etc.) as well as airplanes the pillow can be used with the seatbelt, or as lumbar support, or for taking a nap when placed upon your shoulder.

Abdominal pillow is made of 100% cotton fabric, poly-fil and hook N Loop tape. Size:
Approximate size Abdominal pillow 7″ wide x 13”long

Comfort pillow is made of 100% cotton fabric and poly-fil.  Approximate size 9” x 7”

Port pillow is made with 100% cotton fabric, poly-fil and hook & loop tape. Approximate size port pillow 6” x 3”

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