I started a year ago with these 4 shocking pink chairs!

The were all thrown away or unwanted chairs. They were ugly, dirty, broken, or wobble, unusable chairs. I just finished remodeling my house and out of a job, the chairs found me, so I just couldn’t let them go to the dump. I clean, repaired, painted ( hot pink I thought it was so cool when I bought it) and detailed the chairs. Then the question was what am I going to do with them? I had no need of them. A friend said I should put them in an indoor flea market, so we when looking and found one that was just opening up and had space available( most had a year waiting list). Another friend and I rented the space month by the month…
and the adventure began.

Its was amazing how fast my back porch filled up with ugly furniture! Sorry I could not find any pictures of those pink chairs before I painted them.


As of today I have added two more sheds and a few more tools and lots of paint, I have a new booth and fine tuning my taste. Through “http://pinterest.com/ ” I have looked at many booth design set-ups and styles to find what I like and dislikes. My booth set up shows the differences.

I am hoping by doing this blog I may help someone in the process. WARNING: I am not a writer so sometimes what I write my not make sense or I may use a wrong word….if its spelled correctly word check doesn’t find it.

My booth at present is located at:
At this time I no longer have a booth 8/16/16

Now I am focusing on my sewing. These are porta or Ouch-less pillows that are used on a seat belt to add comfort to a person that has a chemo or pacemaker port.PilePillows

I have an Etsy shop that I sell my sewing creations on please check it out at: LouisesSewingBasket


Thank you for your time reading my blog!

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