Furniture Gallery

Here are a quite look at my work since I started in July 8, 2012 -2014

BdforeAfterKitty  DSC04810_2

I turned a foot ball head board into a hello Kitty headboard


Four pink chairs this was a second order for pink chairs


Love the way this beat up old dresser turned out with a lot of cleaning and sanding.

A dresser after bill holderBrownEndTableBlackSkull

This brownish red dresser need to be reconstructed all the drawer support lose or missing.


Converteddesk1  Converteddesk3 Converteddesk4 Converteddesk5

This was an old sewing machine cabinet that we adding a removable board to support the laptop while the extended board is open.

DSC02564  DSC02606

These are for the pet lovers. A nice comfy place to sleep!



DSC02665 DSC02767

This was turned into a microwave cart.   This cute dog bed received a face lift after months of not selling.



DSC02715 DSC02716

Sewing bench with a new face lift. I used fabric to cover it and cord to seal the edges.

DSC02880    DSC02959

This is a end table that was missing it glass. I used hard board and painted it with chalk board paint.

The desk was in many pieces I had to glue it back together.

DSC02963 DSC02971

One of my many road side finds! It was missing a drawer so I turned it into a shelf and had a friend cut the board for the U shaped shelves. It sold within a short time.

DSC02973 DSC02990

Tic Tac Toe chalk board seat how cool is that! Yes more pink chairs!

DSC03043 DSC03051

Black rocking chair and a child kitchens were more great finds!

DSC03054    DSC03075

Chairs learned a lesson her if you have a match don’t just sell one. I had to redo the second one before it would sell. Map covered frame sold the first day I added it to my booth.


DSC03126 DSC03312

Free desk just needed some sanding off the marker and instant shabby chic desk!

DSC03313 DSC03314

One package of zebra sheets went a long way still have some fabric left!

DSC03334 DSC03368

This beat up end table with fresh paint!  Bench with shoe holder space, was a tv cabinet.


DSC03442 DSC03472

I like white! the chair turned out really cool from where it started as a broken yellow mess.


Plant chair, new owner converted it into a chair. another chalk board stool.

DSC03871  DSC03959

Queen headboard painted black and white.    More zebra fabric on chairs seats! They were a big hit!


DSC03984 DSC04032

Hand made quilt I made from left over scraps. This was one ugly dresser turned into a beautiful useful dresser.

DSC04034 DSC04038

Blue streaked desk new owner just loved it. Coffee table and a child’s chair made the perfect child’s desk!

DSC04056 DSC04060

This chair came with the desk but the desk needed lots of help. Once painted white and pink it sold fast!

DSC04324 DSC04325

I like painting white and pink stuff!  A lovely bedroom set of ceder estate find!

DSC04336 DSC04355

I decoupage a fish photo on a chair base and was given this glass table top. It turned out to be the right match for the new owner!

DSC04476      DSC04215

Three cat chairs the cane was bad so I replace the cane with a piece of plywood and covered it with a cat print. One was sold to one customer and the table and chairs sold to another customer.

DSC04475DSC04852DSC04563 DSC04589

Love the way this piece turned out! It was in ruff shape. I turned the mirror into a chalkboard and added a little pink to the doors! It was a crowd pleaser!


DSC04743 DSC04800

I added a pegboard to were the mirror was and painted the whole set a denim blue!

Rocking chair was given a fresh coat of paint and new fabric covers.

DSC04806   DSC04688

Another view of my quilt! I took a broken mirror frame and added zebra fabric over a cork backing.

DSC04914 DSC04930

This was a dresser that I found on the road side. A dog had chewed up one of the drawers and a corner. I sanded the corner and moved the drawers down to leave an open on the top for a shelf. This one I kept for my TV!

DSC04938 DSC04942

I painted this very cool serving cart a semi gloss and added a new piece of Glass and a wheel. It sold fast!

DSC04967 DSC04972

Zebra print sells fast! I was given this end table the owner didn’t like it. It was a deep brown and was heavy. I added coasters making it easy to move and painted it white with black knobs. then Shabby chic it then gave it a was coat.

DSC04977 DSC05023

White and purple head board.   Love the way these two captain chairs turned out. I paid $5.00 each at a yard sale. I added a gloss stain and new fabric seats.

DSC05032 DSC05066 DSC05069 DSC05134 DSC05142 DSC05146 DSC05156 DSC05228 DSC05246DSC05386  DSC05372_2 DSC05375  DSC05521  DSC05561 DSC05566 DSC05567DSC05351DSC05638    dresserSizedDSC05659 DSC05660 DSC05595 DSC05693 DSC05803 DSC05814 DSC05691DSC05857 DSC05836 DSC05870 DSC05895 DSC05963DSC05961   DSC05936 DSC06056  DSC06139 DSC06145DSC06096  DSC06163 DSC06178 DSC06180DSC06152 DSC06181 DSC06243 DSC06247  DSC06382 DSC06452 DSC06469 DSC06475 DSC06374DSC06480 DSC06496 DSC06512 DSC06537DSC06636  DSC06555  DSC06645 DSC06676 DSC06686 DSC06687 DSC06691 DSC06722 DSC06732 DSC06735 DSC06742 DSC06861 DSC06921 DSC07082DSC07050DSC07101  DSC07094  DSC07124 DSC07129 DSC07130 DSC07139 DSC07173 DSC07177 DSC07230 DSC07234 DSC07242 DSC07243DSC07253DSC07409DSC07282    DSC07278  DSC07256DSC07273DSC07307 DSC07312 DSC07377 DSC07404  DSC07432 DSC07435 DSC07436 DSC07442 DSC07443 DSC07477 DSC07479 DSC07482  DSC07517 DSC07518DSC07488 DSC07554 DSC07555 DSC07574 DSC07577 DSC07581 DSC07582 DSC07606 DSC07623 DSC07664 DSC07679 DSC07698DSC07692 DSC07693  DSC07703 DSC07914 DSC07926 DSC07929 DSC07981 DSC07999 DSC08087_11 DSC08124 DSC08134rolltide   DSC08197DSC08205DSC08189 DSC08185 DSC08202  DSC08249 DSC08252 DSC08259 DSC08264 DSC08273 DSC08288 DSC08309  rockingChairSized  SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA DSC06040SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA paintDresserServing Cart table before ugly brown after VaseTableBlack


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