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Just listed! New items drain pouches



I offer cotton drain pouches in a multiple of fabrics.



Post-surgical drain bulbs coming from your incision site are often recommended to be safety pinned to the inside of your clothes…Ouch!

Instead of pinning your drainage bulbs to your clothes use these pretty cloth bags/pouches to insert them into.

Place your drain bulb in the pouch to secure it close to your body.

***Each pouch can hold one drain bulb. Sold as a set of two pouches and one cord (as shown in photo).

You can adjust the placement of each bag/pouch by moving them on the cord to where it works best for you.

Tie the cord around your waist in front, or behind you to move the bags closer to the front of you.

100% cotton fabric which has been washed and dried before sewing to cut down on irritating sensitive skin.

Includes one Para cord; a soft cord to hold you bags.

Each pouch is approximately 6” wide x 7”Long with an inch opening for a cord to go through.

Choose cord length, Ask if you need it long then listed.

Cloth pouches are sewn by store owner with love.

Bag is made from 100% cotton.

Machine wash and dry-able.

Petite mannequin pictured is for display only. waist size is 26, hip size is 36.

Made in a Pet and smoke free home.

I offer a purse style pouch that can hold up to two drain bulbs! I can make them is specialty fabric too.



I also offer a shower drain pouch coming soon.




Thank you for visiting! If you have any questions feel free to ask!

Louise’s Sewing Basket items created and sewn by Louise


Now offering surgical recovery pillows



This recovery pillow has a pocket in the center of the pillow for cool/hot packs! This pillow can be used right after surgery to support your tummy while moving around in bed or moving from one place to another. Just take the pillow with or without the cool pack and place it over your ouch and with a light pressure hold your sore area with pillow and move. It helps by keeping the surgical area from moving as much while you move.

Can be used with bypass stomach surgery, gastric surgery, Hysterectomy,C-section, Mastectomy or any other type of surgery to help aid in your recovery.

This is an awesome pillow that is great to help when coughing or sneezing.

It can also be use to support your tummy/ surgical area from pets, children, and other objects.

Can be placed between you and the seat belt on your ride home from the hospital.

Can hold 1 or more hot/cold packs for soothing heat or a cooling therapy to help the swelling near your sore area.

This is a pillow with a pocket for 1 or 2 cool/hot packs, has a hook n loop closure.

***Cool packs not included at this time. I bought mine at the local store. ***Please follow doctor’s order and cool pack when using cool/hot pack.

Can be make in all one color fabric or two fabrics.

Pillow size is 13″ x 13″ with a 6″ deep pocket that goes the width of the pillow.

100% cotton fabric, poly-fil

Machine washable and dryer safe on gentle/ low.

Made in a Pet and smoke free home.

Any questions please email me, if you order one and it does not work for you, let me know maybe a different design would work better.

You can find more at Louise’s Sewing Basket

Pillow with cool or hot Pack Pocket

Pain is no fun and having a seat belt pressing on a sore body part is even less fun. I have been there and that is why I make these pillows soft and fluffy!

My new designed Pillows are about 3″s deep of soft poly-fill fluff. I fill them with just the right amount of fluff to make them protect your ouch and soft enough to cushion you from the presser of the belt. Making the perfect Ouch-less pillow to wear during any time you are in the car.

This pillow can be used for someone that has gone or going through a hysterectomy, c-section, breast cancer, heart surgery, menopause, G-tube, pregnancy etc as well as a cool pillow to sleep on in the car!


This pillow has a 6″ pocket for adding a cool/hot pack. Add a cool pack into the pocket for comfort, following your doctor’s order and the cool pack instruction on usage. Abdominal pillow size is  7″ wide x 13” long about x 3.5 deep without pack.DSC04810

Top view of pillow, it is closed more while wearing. DSC04811

This pillow has 3 Hook N Loop tape closures to wrap around the seat belt. or regular belt/scarf and wear it around the house.DSC04805


There are 2 snaps on the top of the pocket to hold the pack in, but with some packs you can add and remove without opening the snaps.DSC04816

^^^Cool/hot pack nor belts are not included. Cool pack shown was bought at your my local store. You also use a cool/hot rice pack! DSC04815

More new fabrics coming soon! I do custom orders as well, I have a large fabric store near me so finding new fabric is fun for me!

Would you like one of these great pillows for yourself or a loved one then check them out at my Etsy store

Check out my store at Etsy.com/shop/LouisesSewingBasket

2 new sizes of my Ouch-less Pillows!


You can find them here!

I have been asked for larger and longer pillows ( 7′ x 13′) add comfort for one’s Abdominal or across the chest! The abdominal pillow has three Hook N Loops to hold it in place.

The other new sizes is the chest pillow that is 5.5″ x 8″ offers more coverage on your port or pacemaker. It can also be used on the chest for heart surgery comfort.

I have a few sewn up and making more as time allows. If you would like on of the new sizes in a fabric you don’t see it in ask.

If you find a port pillow that you like the fabric and would like it in one of the new sizes please ask, most of the fabric I have more of, but there are a few that what you see is all I have.

Hot Glue Gun Stands, Holders


I use my glue gun stand all the time since I made it. Its not as pretty as these that I have made here in the picture.

Have you ever had your glue dry while you were fighting with your glue gun’s little stand?

Glue getting on your work station?

Glue gun leaving burn marks on your work station?

Weight of cord pulling your gun off the work station?

Resting your glue gun on its side and getting glue all over it?

*PROBLEM solved with a wooden glue stand rest!!!

I set about making a pattern for the gun rest and made a few to make sure it works well. As you can see it does!


Above is the same stand can hold either a mini or reg gun!

I live near the beach so flip flop season is almost year around so I painted a fun design on this one.

I am selling them for $14.95 on eBay at eBay hot glue gun

I am working on converting my pattern to a down loadable form. If interest in the pattern for my hot glue gun stand you can contact me below or on my Face book page: Louise’s Bottega in Pensacola My Face Book page