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Labor Day sale get 10% off

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Many more fabrics to choose from, up to 28 different abdominal pillows listings!!


Pain and discomfort is no fun and having a seat belt pressing on a sore body part is even less fun. I have been there and that is why I make these pillows soft and fluffy!

My abdominal pillow’s work great for someone that has Endometriosis, just had a hysterectomy, C-section, mastectomy or Heart surgery. It cushions the seat belt from your G-tube and works with just about any post-op surgeries. Can be worn during pregnancies as well!

My Abdominal Pillows are about 3″s deep of soft poly-fill fluff. I fill them with just the right amount of fluff to make them protect your ouch and soft enough to cushion you from the presser of the belt. Making the perfect Ouch-less pillow to wear during any time you are in the car. Soft enough to be flipped over and used to sleep on when attached to the upper belt.

On my pillows with pockets, there is a large 5″ x 13″ pocket allows for a hot or cold pack to be inserted. The top is closed by two plastic snaps (the kind used on baby diapers) to hold the pack in, but with some packs (like the one shown) you can add and remove without opening the snaps.

My pillows with pockets are great for hot flashes too!


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Now offering three different sizes!!


Now offering three different sizes!! Port pillow, Heart pillow, Abdominal Pillow:

To help ease the discomfort of the seat belt rubbing on your medical device!

Port pillows (3” x 6”), Comfort pillow (10” x 7”) and Abdominal pillow (7” x 13”) are placed over your ouch to keep presser of your ouch / device.

If you have a medical device (CHEMO PORT, PACEMAKER, OTHER) and are looking to buy an Ouch-less Pillow to help ease your discomfort while in a vehicle then please check out my shop on Etsy! You can find me at:  Louise’s Sewing Basket

How to use:
Wrap the hook and loop tape around your upper seat belt with the Ouch-less pillow against your chest. The hook & loop tape snugs around the seat belt. Loosen the grip if you need it to slide with your movement or snug it up to hold its spot. If it moves around too much, try a piece of drawer liner between the seat belt and hook & loop tape. If the hook & loop tape is too long you can trim it down with scissors.

Ouch-less pillows (Seat belt pillows) are designed to give you comfort while riding in a auto. Place the pillow where you need it so it can cushion your ouch from the seat belt.

Port pillow is made with 100% cotton fabric, poly-fil and hook & loop tape.
Heart pillow is made of 100% cotton fabric, poly-fil and have 2 hook N Loops
Abdominal pillow is made of 100% cotton fabric, poly-fil and have 3 hook N Loops

Machine washable
Close the hook & loop tape before washing; Wash on gentle; to help keep fuzz and lint out of the hook & loop tape, place into a washing bag/pillow case and close before washing and drying.
Washing and drying will re-fluff the pillow.

Approximate size port pillow 6” x 3”
Approximate size Heart pillow 5.5″ wide x 8”long
Approximate size Abdominal pillow 7″ wide x 13”long

Made in a Pet and smoke free home.

It is NOT a safety device and will not provide protection (only comfort).
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