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Comfort pillows


The Comfort pillow:
The comfort pillow can be used 9 different ways to bring you comfort.
1. Placed under your arm to ease the presser off your sore area from surgery.
2. Placed on chest between you and the seat belt.
3. Arm rest pillow, place under forearm, comfort from hard surfaces.
4. Breast support pillow, place under your breast when they are tender.
5. Between the breast.
6. Knee pillow, place between the knees while sleeping.
7. Lower Back pillow, place in the small of your back to aid back support.
8. Neck pillow, place at the back of the neck while resting.
9. IV tubes support, place under tubes to keep the weight off your body.
I am sure there are many more ways one can use a cute comfort pillow!

This is my newest collection of pillows that I have just add!

You can find this one print and 9 other comfort pillows prints in my Etsy store Louise’s Sewing Basket! Can’t find the print you are looking for ask and I will see if I can find it.