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Port Pillows, Pacemaker pillows by the bushel

These are one batch of port pillows that I just made yesterday 1/9/17.


I love the fact that I can bring comfort to so many hurting people through my sewing.

One thing I have noticed, is that when I do a google search for port pillow most of the information out there is about groups making them for a one time give away, or a few times a year….but what about the person that needs one and there is no group giving them way in their area….yes they are easy to make if you know how to sew and have a sewing machine.

You can also get them free, but you don’t get to pick what you are getting…..

I offer port pillows at my Etsy store, Louise’s Sewing Basket because I like to have control over what I  give and use. I believe others want that same opportunity.

I have many more choices to choose from and I also do custom orders.

They are 6″ x 3″ and on request I can make them larger!

What are port Pillows?

These are mighty little Ouch-less pillow, it helps ease your ouch!

How it works:
The raised design of the pillow takes the pressure of the seat belt off your port or pacemaker which helps ease your ouch. Wear it where you need it the most; over the port/pacemaker or on the port/pacemaker. It depends on how your seat belt fits you.

Who can use:
Anyone can use this port pillow that uses a normal auto seat belt.

How to use it:
Wrap the hook and loop tape around your upper seat belt with The Ouch-less pillow against your chest. The hook & loop tape snugs around the seat belt. Loosen the grip if you need it to slide with your movement or snug it up to hold its spot. If it moves around too much, try a piece of drawer liner between the seat belt and hook & loop tape. If the hook & loop tape is too long you can trim it down with scissors.

Hook and loop tape can be closed on either side of The Ouch-less pillow.
They work great even if you don’t have a port by keeping the seat belt off your shoulder bone!
This is not a safety device and will not provide protection (only comfort).

This pillow is made with 100% cotton fabric, poly-fil and hook & loop tape.
I can make them in any fabric color or size you need or would like just email me and let me know.

Machine washable:
Close the hook & loop tape before washing; Wash on gentle; to help keep fuzz and lint out of the hook & loop tape, place into a washing bag/pillow case and close before washing and drying.
Washing will fluff the stuffing!

Approximate size 6” x 3” I can make them bigger or smaller if needed.

They are also soft and cute!!!




New addition to my Esty store

I have been busy making port-a- cath seat belt pillows! Some to sell and some to be donated to the Pensacola Cancer Center.

I came across this information while surfing the web. I had never heard of a chemo port and did a closer look. I found My Recipe for Portacath Pillows. I made one then another until I had twenty made….Wow what fun and for a good cause. Now to find some place to donate them to; Now that was another challenge. I could not find any one listed on the Cancer center web site to talk to or email. After looking for awhile I found a coordinator so I called her. She redirected me to Linda Wall at the Cancer Center. She was thrilled to received them and stated that no one was donated them to the center.

I found one place that sold them for $20.00, wow way too much!  Now I make some to give to the center and some to sell at $5.95 each. Part of each sales goes to making more for the center.

I have change the pattern a little instead of using 4 or 3.5 hook and loop tape I use 3″ of hook and loop tape that way you can tighten it up tighter on your seat belt.

This is a fun and easy project for any person or organization can do to help easy the pain of a port!

Happy sewing!